Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Next Year's Presidents

Perhaps you already saw this on the Instagram, but we wanted to let everyone know that we elected an outstanding slate of leaders, BJ, Elsa, and Zoe, or as they will now be known, "#triBEZ"!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Apply now for a $150 Grant

Each co-head from Social Service Board can request up to $150 for any organization they sponsor. The money can be in the form of a check or supplies. For example, Mo and Zoe each purchased gift cards and supplies for Rice Sports & Games and Onward House.

If YOU want to make a request for YOUR specific organization, please consider the following:
  1. Certain organizations are not in need of additional funds. For example, ICRE receives money from the State of Illinois.
  2. Other organizations need funds for daily operational costs (like rent).
  3. Please make your request IN WRITING to Mr. Lawler or Mr. Bolos. Consult with your sponsors regarding how to deliver the funds or the supplies.

Monday, December 3, 2018

BMOW: Timothy O

Meet the new BMOW… Timothy O!!
 Q- What club do you run?
A- Centro Romero

 Q- What is your favorite SSB experience?
A- Salsa Day

 Q- Crayons or Colored Pencils?
 A- Colored Pencils

 Q- What is your favorite color?
 A- Blue

 Q-What hobbies do you have?
A- Night League and Golf

 Q- What is your favorite cookie?
A- Oatmeal chocolate chip

 Q- What do you think of Dominic deBoer?
A- He makes advisory exciting

 Q-Do you enjoy soupy or crunchy mac and cheese?
A- Crunchy all the way

 Q- Favorite sandwich shop?
 A- Jersey mikes

 Q- Theme song for life?
 A- The Cave by Mumford and Sons

 Q- Favorite type of cheese?
A- Pepper Jack

 Q- What is your favorite word?
 A- Blueberry

 Q- Salsa or Guacamole?
A- Salsa is so tasty

 Q- Dogs or Cats?

 Wildcard by MC: Would you rather smell bad, but be clean for the rest of your life, or feel gross but smell fine for the rest of your life? A- Feel gross, but smell fine