Thursday, September 27, 2012

Social Service Luncheon

Thanks to all of our faculty sponsors and board co-heads for a successful "meet and greet" during the lunch periods today! Many groups finalized their start dates and traded important contact information.

Check out the 5th period luncheon below (an interactive panorama):

Monday, September 17, 2012

Social Service...So Far!

We haven't even sent out a single group of volunteers, but look at all we are doing so far:

Sunday's Team Building Activity

We had an awesome time in Elder Lane Park, Winnetka, creating boats constructed of cardboard and duct tape for our first annual "Cardboard Regatta". Great idea, Annie and Amelia! Pizza, cookies, and teamwork ruled the day...

Saturday's CTU Rally in Union Park

In order to better understand the larger issues faced by the communities we serve, a group of us journeyed to Chicago to find out about the reasons behind the Chicago Teachers Union strike. Students interviewed rally participants and contributed photos to a collection featured below: