Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Metro Community Project - Debrief

After Kelvyn Park's February 6th site visit to New Trier, a few members of Social Service Board participated in an informal debrief for the purposes of documenting our experiences for Dr. Cynthia Taines, of NIU. Some suggestions included:

  1. Creation of a viral video to educate Illinois citizens regarding inequities in school funding
  2. A one-day school Principal "switch" (Kelvyn Park and New Trier principals)
  3. Extension of the project to other area schools 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Metro Community Project - NTHS Site Visit

We had a wonderful visit from the Kelvyn Park High School students yesterday, who were accompanied by their teachers and members of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. Special thanks to all of the New Trier teachers who volunteered their classrooms and to Principal Hibbard, who not only treated the students to lunch, but also spoke to our group about inequities in school funding.

Winnetka Campus Principal Denise Hibbard answers questions from NTHS and KPHS students