Monday, August 26, 2019

Students Leading Students!

The year has barely begun and we already have three exemplars (#triBEZ including Zoe, BJ and ELSA) of SSB district-wide leadership! According to Student Activities Coordinator, Stacy Kolack:
"I wanted to say how great your club leaders were at today’s Sophomore Activities Assembly! Not only did they come in last week for rehearsal, they really took their roles to heart and were positive representatives of the Extracurricular Program. As the sophomores began their Winnetka experience, it was great to welcome them as a class on the first day, and also give them an overview of the 130 different clubs available to them at this campus. Of course, all this is much more meaningful when presented by students, for students. I TRULY appreciate their help and follow through. What great students you have in your clubs!"
I have one question: what the heck is the Cups Game?