Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Frosh Board Raised $1,130 for Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

This past week, Freshman Board raised $1,130 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

To see pictures and follow how we went about fundraising in our school and community, Click on the jump!

For our fundraiser we sold pink breast cancer survivor bracelets for a flexible donation amount.

We split up the bands between three rivaling teams, the Pink Piranhas, the Pink Panthers and Team Handleman. The objective: the team that raised the most money with their bands was the winner! (Though we all knew the real winners would be the people we could help :))

Team Handleman poses for a photo-op with their pink bands.
 The Pink Panthers pose with their pink bands.
Our teacher sponsors Ms. Novak and Ms. Nguyen.

*Look out for an update on the winning team!

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