Monday, April 14, 2014


Wow. What a tremendous effort by so many people with so many moving parts in play. Although attendance is never what we hope for, the entire operation ran without a hitch and everyone had a great time. Best of all, our chosen charity, Shanti Bethel, raised thousands of dollars for children in need.

Special thanks (in no particular order) to:
  • Gand Music & Sound
  • NTHS Physical Plant Services (PPS)
  • Our Social Service Sponsors
  • Stacy Kolack and the Activities Office
  • The Faculty Band, especially Nate Landes
  • The entire New Trier Township Community
  • And, of course, YOU!
Make sure you watch the short video. Lots of familiar faces...

Band Aid 2014 from Spiro Bolos on Vimeo.

The annual fundraiser for New Trier High School's Social Service Board. This year's charity was Shanti Bethel and the line-up featured the following:

1) The Whom
2) Faculty Band
3) Jordan Xidas
4) Nagasaki Watchmen
5) Allie & Sabrina
6) Fruitful Dave
7) Big Brother
8) Free World Seppie

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