Thursday, October 4, 2018

Board Co-Heads of the Week: #KRZ

Today, we begin a new feature on our website, featuring members of the Social Service Board. As most of you know, the Board consists of three Co-Presidents (#bigthree), who have been featured in this space, previously (see below).

We want you to get to know our other members, too, who are critical to the operation of our clubs. Once a week, we will feature a single Board Co-Head in a light-hearted Q & A session. You'll find out a bit more about the group they serve, but also some fun facts about them as individuals.

For now, we are featuring the new webmasters, Kate, Rebecca, and Zara, better known by their hashtag, the #KRZ. Among many tasks, they take care of the important details which allow visitors to learn more about the sites we serve, and how to become a volunteer.

Thanks to them for their hard work and look to this space in the near future for more SSB pride!

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