Monday, April 20, 2020

Election Plan for Friday!

Here’s the plan for our election this Friday, 4/24, at 2PM:

  • We’ll meet in the Zooms and have candidates for president make their statements and then take questions.  They then leave the zoom meeting and we have members offer their thoughts on the candidates (NOTE: this will be kept confidential!)
  • We will then have some kind of virtual voting link set up where members can each cast 2 votes.
  • Bolos and Lawler will calculate the vote total and let members know the results soon enough.

Here are the candidates
  • Zara Anwar
  • Ally Boyer
  • Riley Gorham
  • Rebecca Lerner
  • Grace Shelly
  • Bridget Vitu
  • Ben Worth

Thanks for running!  We have a terrific slate of candidates.

Make sure all your fellow SSB members are aware of this plan.  Spread the word!

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